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Our Journey - a time for education

Our journey with our equine partners is both a special and an individual one. In our efforts to become better partners with our horse, most will reach out for education opportunities. Last week was a full week of education here at S & L Stables. Sheila started her first step towards WDAA judge certification attending the WDAA Judges Clinic in Denver, CO. A very enlightening experience. Blazing Saddles 4-H Club members had their 3rd meeting of the year, learning about first aid for the horse from Lisa C. and safe harnessing from Lynn B. The members have been busy working towards their 4-H level testing for the last 2 months. It is very rewarding to see the growth of knowledge in these students. Then to top off the week of growth, we were blessed with beautiful Feb. weather and many of our adult and youth

students were able to enjoy outdoor rides with their equine partners. The year is going well, Happy Valentines Day to all of our students and their equine partners.

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