Driving Midnight

This past weekend the Eastern Nebraska Driving Society held their annual carriage show. Entered in the small pony class was Jamie DeJong driving Midnight, a pretty black Shetland pony. Jamie has advancing M.S. and has worked very hard to achieve her dream of showing a driving horse. S and L Stables had the pleasure of training Midnight for Jamie and helping Jamie achieve her dream. Last weekend, Jamie and Midnight won many beautiful ribbons at the ENDS show, Reserve Champion in the Small Pony Division and the "Spirit" award for her ability to overcome all obstacles, participating in this fun equine sport. Kudos to Jamie and her family.

Girls and Ponies

We have a young girl (6) who is too young for 4-H, but comes and learns with the 4-H club on Tuesday evenings. Finley is like a sponge, learning everything from the older girls. Her pony is Bullet, a 13 year old Miniature Horse that we have had since he was a weanling. Bullet has helped many a child learn about ponies. He is patient, loving, kind, all the characteristics you look for in your horse/child relationship. Tonight Finley's mother caught this photo of Finley taking Bullet back to his home after practice. The picture says it all.

Teaching Specialty Students

Every student is special and comes with their own unique set of challenges. We have been blessed in many ways to learn new life lessons through our students. I was recently giving a lesson to a special needs teenager whom has been away from her family horse for about a year but had some early riding experience. Before she rode she was very quiet, tentative, and unsure about what the lesson might bring. As the lesson proceeded, she became more and more happy and joyful. After the lesson, she was relaxed, talkative, smiling. It was a totally rewarding experience for me to bring such happiness out from within the student. It totally makes all those after work hours worth it. Bless our

A new 4-H year for Blazing Saddles

Spring has come and with it a new year for Blazing Saddles 4-H Club. Blazing Saddles 4-H Club Started in 2002 when Will and Alex Scheideler were youngsters. Our first club roster was all boys, highly unusual in the 4-H Horse world. This year the roster is all girls, new faces and older ones. A year of dreams, goals and fun for all.

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