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Virtual Dressage Shows

Are you getting ready for a Virtual Dressage Show? Tips for making a great video that the judge will enjoy viewing (take from our experience running a show and participating in WDAA Virtual Shows this year):

Make sure the video clearly shows the arena letters. If you use the flat ones, add an orange cone to accentuate where they are.

Mark you corners with ground poles so they are clearly defined.

If you have space, show a landscape panorama but don't get so far back that the judge can't see you at the far end of the arena.

If you are tight on space, set the camera up high and follow thru corners (corners are very important to dressage judges).

If you are riding a Level 1 test or higher, be sure to put out the RSVP letters too.

Remember, the arena doesn't have to be fancy. I've posted some videos from both indoor and outdoor arenas here at S & L Stables. Good Luck!

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