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County Fair 2016

County Fair 2016 was a fair of many emotions this year. One day before I was supposed to show in the Open Dressage Show, my brother Fritz went into hospice after a 3 yr battle with sarcoma cancer. I had to be 2 places at once, so my classes were scratched, a good friend - Donna Stalding Smith from KB Stables came to my rescue and helped coach the 4-H kids through their dressage day. Later in the week I was able to be at the fair with the kids, alternating fair with visits to my brother and family in Omaha. We had 8 horses go to the fair over the week from S and L Stables, and I was so proud of how everyone did. My family was supportive, remembering our days of 4-H as kids in Douglas Co. showing Holstein cattle - good memories. I want to thank everyone for their patience, prayers and kindness over the 10 day period. Fritz passed away peacefully on August 13, after fair was done, it will be a time I will always remember.

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