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Oklahoma Cowboy HDT Results

This past weekend, we participated in the Oklahoma Cowboy CDE in Stillwater, OK with our Pony Pair - Sunny and Bullet. My son - Alex Scheideler was able to join the team as our navigator and groom which was a big help as it is a HUGE endeavor to do a CDE. Combined driving events are like Eventing - 3 phases - dressage, cones and marathon. The marathon was 3 miles long with 5 gated obstacles, and very challenging as there was ankle deep mud for part of the trail and many tricky turns in the obstacles. Our team persevered through it all and won the Blue Ribbon. We could not be happier as they did not stumble or falter once. A successful weekend for S and L Stables. Much thanks to Lyle Purdum for taking care of the barn and volunteering at Bluestem Miniature Horse Show while we were competing.

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